Mohammad H. Khoshnevisan
President, IADR-Iranian Division

Dear Distinguished Colleagues and Friends;

I am pleased to welcome each and every one of you to the 16th scientific meeting of the IADR-Iranian Division which will be held in December 2020 in Tehran, IR-Iran. It’s very important to note that over decades we have witnessed a dramatic change in the scope of dentistry. Based on accumulated data and available evidence, dentistry is now moving towards a comprehensive concept of oral health that is recognized to be an integral part of overall health.

The Iranian Division of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) believes that science is our guide for a better future and scientists are the leaders and torchbearers of such movement. Our members are mainly composed of those who are affiliated with dental research centers and/or academic institutions who are closely engaged with day to day oral and dental investigations.

Our annual Division meetings are characterized by an informal atmosphere and interdisciplinary scientific communications covering all areas of dental research, offering an excellent opportunity for local and international researchers to meet and get to know each other. The renowned keynote speakers from leading national and international experts are often invited from within or outside mainstream oral and dental research communities for further enrichment.

This meeting welcomes researchers from all backgrounds in order to allow clinical and non-clinical scientists to interact on different areas of research, not easily achieved in meetings devoted to one field only. Presentations by junior researchers, post-doctoral, and undergraduate dental students have always been encouraged and recognized in our Division meetings. This opportunity can be helpful in learning research advances, methodological approaches and achievements in other disciplines that can broaden our views.

Although, the 16th IADR Division meeting will be conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic; advanced videoconferencing and webinar technology will be used to facilitate contributions of local and international participants. Therefore, on behalf of our innovative organizing committee, I encourage your active participation, and thank you for promoting the upcoming annual IADR Scientific Program. You may visit our website ( for more general information and the latest 2020 Division meeting updates. Hope you enjoy the meeting.

With best wishes

Mohammad H. Khoshnevisan,
DMD, DPHDent, DrPH, PhD, ADI fellow
President, IADR-Iranian Division